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A friend recommended Georgina's refelxology treatment as a therapy to help relieve chronic neck pain. I was extremely sceptical as to what this would provide but I was prepared to try anything, having already consulted with GP's, specialist pain consultants, oesteopath and physiotherapist. Georgina was welcoming, understanding, kind and professional in my first consulatation, talking through the history of the events that led me to her. The treatment provided a full body relaxation experience which helped to alleviate the chronic relentless neck pain. This release was wonderful and something I decided would help me on so many levels in life. As a professional woman in my late forties, I made a promise to myself that I would continue with reflexology to reduce stress, muscle tension and address hormonal imbalances. I have been seeing Georgina for a number of yeasr, every 2 or 3 weeks, where my treatment is always excellent and directed to any prblematic areas. I feel comfotable and confident in Georgina's company. her knowledge about the details of reflexology is impressive but she balances this with her understanding and expereice of how the treatments provide overall health & wellbeing.  - Gemma age 48 - April 2024


Georgina has helped me recover from my difficult start with anxiety and panic attacks. She has managed to help me pinpoint problem areas to help me overcome my anxiety with exam stress.
July 2017

I was recommended by a friend to see Georgina during my second pregnancy and I instantly felt at ease with her. I saw Georgina throughout my pregnancy, with normal pregnancy issues; from water retention to back pain, I can guarantee by the next day I was feeling so much better and the reflexology had eased, if not relieved, me of the issue. I felt healthy and energised after each visit.
I had a great pregnancy and birth and believe that a huge part of this was due to my treatment from Georgina. I would and do highly recommend her to friends and other mums that I meet

An excellent and informative course run by a very friendly teacher. Baby Massage Feb 2015

I found reflexology relaxing and calming in the lead up to the birth of my daughter. George has vast knowledge of reflexology and how the body works which I found informative and very helpful.

My daughter thoroughly enjoyed the baby massage session. She was relaxed and slept for several hours after. George demonstrated techniques I could use which help with her reflux and I now use in our daily routine.
August 2014

For several years my wife and I have been two of George's regualr clients. I have to say that with the very hectic and stressful lives that we live, a reflexology treatment from George is absolute heaven. Initially I was somewhat sceptical about the benefits of reflexology and also that ticklish feet would be a problem. Well I was immediatley converted and now cannot wait until my next visit comes around. Thanks George for giving us a little bit of calm in an otherwise frantic world.
Frank & Gill

Earlier in 2010, I started seeing George with hormone imbalance, stress, anxiety and sleeping problems. Within a few sessions, I felt so much better - my sleeping pattern was back to normal, my stress levels reduced and my hormone imbalance rectified. Indeed, even after the first session, I felt so much more relaxed and balanced.
I would have no hesitation in recommending George to anyone suffering relaxation, stress, sleeping or hormone issues.

Madeleine loved her massage she has been so relaxed all day - thank you

I had been curious about reflexology and then saw George's advert in the Reigate Directory. I contacted George with some initial questions and she couldn't have been more helpful. My first appointment in September 2009 was a real revelation in terms of what could be identified from my feet and since then I've been a convert. I see George every 4 weeks or so and find it a great means to help with sleep patterns and working on other symptons which are either appartent to me or George identifies in the session. It is also very relaxing!

I had regular reflexology sessions with George throughout the third trimester of my pregnancy. Not only did it leave me relaxed and allow some "me" time, I strongly believe it helped prepare me for what was a very positive birth experience, I will definitely be starting earlier with pregnancy number two.

My partner and I did baby massage with George when our daughter was about 10 weeks old. We (all) thoroughly enjoyed learning the different techniques and still use them regularly now she is eight months.

Jack benefitted from the baby massage/reflexology session he had with Georgina, he had been suffering with with several digestive problems. She also spent time guiding me through the movements and key points that can be carried out safely by myself. Georgina gave me accompanying notes to help me remember what had been taught. The session was very informative and left Jack feeling a lot happier in himself. I subsequently used the moves to help settle him. This also had the added bonus of helping me feel I was dealing with his problems better and so helped me de-stress as well.

My reflexology sessions with Georgina left me feeling wonderfully relaxed and a lot more balanced. We were working on hormone balancing. The sessions also seemed to have the additional bonus of improving my digestion and overall sense of wellbeing.

Georgina gave me some really useful tips re baby digestion. Ben used to sleep very well after baby massage and enjoyed the sessions as much as I did.

I have had a notable improvement in night sweats, insomnia and menstruation pain. It is noticeable that towards the end of 3 or 4 weeks the symptons start to rise again and then wane after I have had my reflexology appointment.
I have not had a migraine since I started seeing Georgina and I regularly had them before this.

Really enjoyed it. Warm and welcoming. Very useful in good bite sized chunks. Have learnt a lot. Thank you - Baby Massage 2015

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